Wednesday, January 16, 2008

without a name

this feeling, the burrowing of His Spirit into yours, the sudden realization of beauty in the simple thing, the perfect combination of a melody and lyric, etc. it's been ebbing upon my heart all afternoon and i think i'm ready to receive it. so good.

i love when the book you are reading is breathed on by His spirit and just hits through and through. here's some tidbits:

"It really doesn't matter what the particular group bargain is - doctrinal adherence, moral living, or some sort of spiritual experience- the desire is the same: taming God in order to tame life. Never mind those deep yearnings of the soul; never mind the nagging awareness that God isn't cooperating."

"...God's fierce intentions to use both crippling and blessing to redeem us from our self-redemptive and purgatorial stories."

Acts 17:26-28

"Trust Him though you cannot see Him and He has no silver hand to hold. Trust Him though you have no name to call Him by, though out of the black night He leaps like a stranger to cripple and bless. -Buechner Son of Laughter"

"This is, in fact, how many professing Christians end up living: as practical agnostics. Perhaps God will come through, perhaps he won't, so I'll be hanged if I'll live as though he had to come through. I'll hedge my bets and if he does show up, so much the better. The simple word for this is godlessness."

-All excerpts from The Sacred Romance by Eldredge/Curtis

Man, it's just so good!! This book is just cruising through my doubts and fears and hiding places and beckoning me to step on out. And there He is, stirring it all up, drawing me out...

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