Sunday, May 16, 2010


things that have been leaving their mark various forms.

one of the 4 year old twins(whose mom just died from a plastic surgery gone wrong...who on earth gets plastic surgery in Nicaragua
??)just bawling because he couldn't get his cut-outs to stay glued kneeling, helping him and seeing that it really has nothing to do with cutouts or glue, but overwhelming loss.

being a mom to a 14-year old. Moises' nephew is living with us. and in the midst of all this is the growing ability to see how He provides. how nothing is impossible. and how there is always enough.

fruits of partnerships and the fullness they bring. there is nothing quite as sweet as seeing your dreams and visions sprout up and reach people, to see them change their lives, to see them overcome and smile at this new place they are coming into.

quietly and carefully tending to my marriage with my husband in the little garden of our lives. seeing him pour into it as much as i do. being united in one purpose.

that place of rest that always finds you when you ask, no matter the to-do list, the projects, the laundry, the whatever.

my soul clings to you; Your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63:8