Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the reality of truth

so today, as I ate my lunch with some of those chatty 5th grade girls, one began to comment on how she was going to begin baptism classes, kind of cranky about it...and I began to talk to her about baptism and why we do it and i said "baptism is us choosing to die to this life with Christ and being raised again through Him to a new life that we live for Him" and she exclaimed, how beautiful! you should teach us bible!

there is a comfort for me in that, that in both languages, this is beautiful. i guess Truth is just that way.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

little things

just a few snapshots from my first week of my second year at NCA Nejapa.

- seeing students come under my loving but firm teacher gaze

- feeling His authority and love behind my words and actions

- David, drawing a picture of Right to Education, using materials his classmates lent to him (David is the first student with a handicap at our school...he has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound...but he is intelligent and quick in his mind and has the most beautiful smile...the fact that he is in our school at all says a lot..many children with different capacities have little opportunity for education and the idea of paras, IEPs, and any number of other acronyms we take for granted in the US are nonexistent within the Nica Ministry of Education).

- quiet morning moments before the crazy bus ride down the mountain

- eating breakfast with my husband on my first day...he accompanied me to calm my nerves :)

- thankful, to be in this place.

and though it has nothing to do with NCA, for a dear sister´s farewell to her papa. our language can´t cover what the heart feels in moments like i wish i could be at your side Lauren.

peace to you my friends