Tuesday, February 17, 2009


yep. thats me.

well, internet access is really a relative term. as in not really available. at all. and then there was the computer crash incident of this morning as i attempted to download obamas speech for an english class plan tomorrow. sometimes i forget im in nicaragua and get upset, and then i get over it.

some simple joys lately

- always having enough. be it a teeny ounce of energy to finish a plan, 5 minutes more that help me be on time, one last piece of chocolate, that last 20 cord bill that meets my needs, and always the grace to make it through.
- appreciating the cool climate that greets me after a sweaty dusty day in managua
- being called prof sara by people i dont know
- limonada con soda. absolutely refreshing
- people that go out of their way to help me and appreciation when i do the same
- someone who is constantly thinking of me and supporting me wherever i am, no matter how tired or busy he is
- a new bed
- some fantastic books involving an asian background...distant land of my father, memoirs of a geisha
- the numerous beautiful eyes that smile up at me as i pass by them at my school
- the fine frenzy
- a well-timed word from the Word
- hope of something bigger than myself
- knowing my path is already known and secure, even though there may be moments when it doesnt feel like either of those things
- simple kindness

my days are running together with the simple thread of teaching, and im exhausted. but i dont feel despair or crushed...i know this is part of the path. its like an invigorating mountain climb that you get lost on, but always knowing you were meant to reach the peak, and that you will, eventually.