Monday, January 7, 2008

kiss kiss

Can someone please answer this nagging question for me: is it lovey dovey or laffy taffy? My sixth graders insisted that t-pain was talking about that sticky candy with silly jokes.

It's official. I just got done reading through a couple hundred pages of welcome book and VAD and all sorts of other acronymns, which I'm finding that PC loves. Everything they have given me has a glossary! As an educator who has lots of acronym files from college alone, it makes me giggle.

I will jump off the cliff May 5 as a PCT (peace corps trainee), meeting my other trainees for a couple days, then off to Nicaragua for eleven weeks of intense training, where I'll work on my Spanish and ESL skills, learn how to not get robbed or assaulted and run through mounds of paperwork and vaccines (only 3 I think for me). That's when, if I pass, I become a PCV (peace corps volunteer). Then it's off to a still unknown small to medium size city where I will live with a family for at least six weeks and begin integrating and building confianza (trust) with the community and my colleagues. I'll work alongside high school English teachers, create materials and training programs and set-up any number of English learning opportunities. I just can't convey the rush I feel in my belly when I start thinking about it. I have so much I want to do to prepare and I know this time before I leave will be precious.

Which will be spent in KC...I am so stoked. I LOVE KC and the people I have gotten to meet and hang around with. I'm so thankful to have three more months with them. I still don't have a job lined up officially, but I am surprisingly peaceful about seems having your feet knocked out from under you will teach you to trust Him. I'll keep you posted.

My papa is doing better...I fully believe that Jesus healed and protected him. There is no evidence or residual from his episode...their best guess is a seizure caused by stress. No heart attack, no stroke, no disease. Clean EEG, CT Scan and MRI. I went down there early Friday morning and he got to come home Friday evening. I left him yesterday, feeling good if not just a little sleepy. Thank you for all who prayed and encouraged me in it.

Praise to Him who works all things according to our good, that He is always sovereign, always in control. No matter how out of control I feel.

Off to run and get those passport photos.


graham r said...

i love it! im glad PC is coming together... dont you love this time of violent turmoil? brings out the best, or the worst, but either way it brings out stuff we need to see.

id love to get another sarah, sara & graham time going...

adam paul said...


however. its easy to be confused with the song 'laffy taffy'.
i did it too.

Inari said...

Great work.