Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i honestly don't know what i would do without dove dark chocolate. or coke classic.

my friend lauren gave me this book the artist's way for this part on attention. there have been some painful things in my family lately and it's been tempting to be overwhelmed. but this passage was utterly beautiful....that the way we make it through these trying times, from past to future, is to be exceedingly present. i know this is a topic touched on by many, but there is this one line that made me stop. "She stood it by standing knee-deep in the flow of life and paying close attention." yes. this is a paramount lesson for me to learn. it's startling how different my minutes have been weighed and perceived as i take this mindset. sometimes even just stopping, breathing deeply and remembering His nearness is all the refreshment i could need.

i started re-reading the sacred romance by john eldredge and brent curtis. it really speaks to some of the things i've been pondering lately...does it make you smile how He weaves your path?


luke said...

it does make me smile.

and that passage reminds me of a line in a don chaffer song: "‘Cause sometimes what you don’t know, it won’t hurt you
And it ain’t so hard to see what’s right from wrong
Just open up your eyes
And take off that disguise
Boy, the way you dramatize
won’t make a heart that’s wise
You’re a man when you live inside your own skin
You’re a man when you live inside your own skin"

well, you're a woman, but you get the idea. it's a beautiful song. maybe i'll email it to you if you want.

lauren h. said...

hooray for the artist's way! and hey, look, i found your blog! i kind of have one too, but i don't really write in it very often..but i should! and we could talk and share and write and that would be wonderful. i think this comment will leave my "blog" link... aannndd...tonight was wonderful.

My name is Annie. said...

Both "The Artist's Way" and "The Sacred Romance" are two of the most important books in my journey. I hope they resonate deeply with you, too!