Tuesday, April 29, 2008


anyone who knows me knows that i like to organize and order and get things together and streamlined. i do it in my work, my schedule, and sometimes my relationships (sometimes a downfall). hence, you can imagine what this is doing to me...

SO...it's 10:41 and i've begun packing. more than likely i will have to remove everything and start over tomorrow, but for right now, i cannot help myself. and of course, a bag of Dove dark chocolate sits by my side with some fabulous mix playlists in the background. i love how our quirks and those things so rooted within us emerge when our surroundings toss us around.

PS: NO i am not taking all that stuff...much of it is from KC that i haven't unpacked yet. geez.


luke said...

ha! the expression on your face is amazing.

graham r said...

shoot... you'll be gone for 27 months, take as much as you please!!! i aint goin to judge!!

i appreciate the use of comfort items in this process; at some point just stop what you're doing and watch a favorite movie!! it's the right thing to do.

Sara said...

(and enjoy a Dove for me. Or two...or ten...)

so hold on said...


i too, am very excited about the shirt. and the dark chocolate.

also hilarious that i dogged on the simplicity of my new blog setup...and it is very similar to yours. burn!

graham r said...

outrageous!!! just go to another country or something.

Annie Parsons said...

Sarah, you can DEFINITELY kill bugs. I believe in you. Courage is the only virtue that we can't fake, and your lifestyle and decisions already prove you to be courageous.


lauren h. said...

perfect pic miss sarah. i can just picture you rolling your sleeves up and getting to work. i'm so excited for you.

karlie nicole mann. said...

you look so proud of your big mess! :) i am the biggest "what if.." packer. what if i need this? you know, that kind of thing. i couldn't imagine thinking 27 months ahead. goodness. you'll get it done though i believe it. :)

Anonymous said...

That how my room looks right now too!

R.W. Shipshape said...

Dang, girl. I feel you on wanting to streamline. Hence, why I am still up...checking my email...reading my blogs, etc.

My friend Chris (who saves all thousands of his emails) gives me a hard time: I whittle my inbox down to as few emails as possible.

When I say few emails, I'm talking 6 or so. I need to relax.

As for you, I'm glad you are allowing yourself to streamline. And I am glad you are being kind to yourself with treats and such.

Tell me you're really eating those Doves, though. Realllly eating them, as in lots of them. And not one every 5 packed boxes or something.

What can I say? I have issues with extremes.