Friday, May 2, 2008


alright folks. i have been adding a plethora of ways to contact me while i am away and they are as follows:

snail mail: Sarah Ternes, PCT | Voluntario del Cuerpo de Paz| Apartado Postal 3256 | Managua, Nicaragua | Central America [this is good for letters or bubble envelope packages...avoid boxes]


googlechat: same as above

skype: this is the cool one....if you download skype and have a mike (you can buy a cheap headset with a mike at walmart) we can talk for free! there are wireless cafes in Nica that i might get access to occasionally, and you can bet i'll be calling some people. it is really easy to use: go to and download, create your account and search my name or nicasarah08. then you're done.

cell phone: i will most likely get a cell in nica, but no telling how all that will work. there is also a possibility of me getting a local number for my skype so you could pick up your cell and call me on my computer.

live messenger: like skype, but has video capacity...i will probably just link my video to skype.

also feel free to explore carrier pigeons and smoke signals, though the former could be seen as animal cruelty and there's no telling how well i'll be able to read smoke signals. or you could just jump on a plane and come see me...this will be an option after october. :)

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