Tuesday, April 1, 2008


things i am inevitably looking forward to:
-hammocks. lots of them
-hot weather. not just warm, but HOT.
-living in Spanish
-fruit trees
-lakes and volcanoes inviting me to explore
-meeting people with the same mission as me
-teaching again!
-wearing cotton dresses and sandals every day
-sleeping under mosquito net...i know that sounds odd, but it's true
-living simply

things i am NOT looking forward to and thus am trying to prepare myself for:
-bugs. all of them. in all varieties.
-machismo...i wonder how long i can patiently handle the hissing and cat calls
-gallo pinto: rice and beans, fried and then refried for the next meal
-code switching - that part of language transition that makes you feel stuck
-loneliness/homesickness - this is inevitable

i talked to the Nica desk today, and all things in my file are a go, no last minute hitches, thank goodness. staging kits get mailed the end of this week. by next week, i will have my flight info for flying to DC for staging. that is when it gets really real.

i'm finding myself thinking in a lot of "lasts". like, this is my last free weekend in KC. or that was my last time to be home before i come home to pack. or, this can NOT be my last margarita at Cactus Grill with my friends. i don't know if this is really helpful, but i find myself wanting to soak up as much as i can while i am here. and while i know many of my closest friends will still be here when i return, i don't know how that will look when i get back. and that's where i have to stop my over analytical mind because otherwise i'll get sick. so here's to soaking up the last goodies of the good ol US of A. if you are a KCer and have a "last time" thing we should do, let me know!


Suzanne said...

With any luck, we have experienced our last bout of chocolate poisoning with Rudy. I don't want to repeat that episode! I can't believe you have less than a month left in the crazy Moore house. You will be missed.

Sara said...

Things I must do with Sarah before she jets off to her amazing adventure:
1. Have a super-long-talk-about-everything-and-maybe-even-run-if-you-motivates-me power walk
2. Chips and salsa and margaritas. Obviously.
3. Freaking watch Pretzel Day! (and any other episode)
4. Jump in the car with a camera and drive all around this city. Okay...you drive. B/c if I do, we'd be forever lost.
5. Make those t-shirts we've been talking about. (you know)
6. Try to prepare myself for everyone asking "Oh...do you miss your other half?" without having an emotional breakdown.


The most important thing is just soaking up as much Sarah Ternes as possible. So when it comes down to it, we could stare at a blank wall all day. (as long as we took a break to grab McDonalds twist cones. But that goes without saying)

...Or maybe you could just pack me and take me along?

luke said...

i know they always tell you not to have a huge meal right before you start a fast, but that never stops me! and in this case i think a healthy level of indulgence is quite permissible.

things i'm looking forward to:
-writing and receiving letters from sarah
-seeing God do amazing things in and through you
-praying for you
-receiving gallo pinto from you in the mail (send me some! haha or maybe something nicer)
-sending you books or other things you are craving (got that reading list worked up yet?)

ok, i could go on, but no. coffee soon--for sure.

adam paul said...

ah MAN.
i got to sleep in a mock every single day in guatemala. i've never been so comfortable in my life.
or slept so hard.