Thursday, December 6, 2007

"ah crap"

i can't tell you how many times i've uttered that this evening. try baking 82 star sugar cookies, writing 18 thank you cards, buying 1 calla lily, moving out of 1 bedroom/bathroom/kitchen and grading 22 cell city projects/reading assessments. yep. i didn't get it all done. thankfully, the only thing remaining is the grading...which can be done tomorrow. yep...procrastinating even beyond college.

graduation saturday. party sunday. unpack monday. fly to seattle tuesday. breathe (maybe) wednesday. it's all been about letting go, so let's see if i pass the test.

in the midst of it all are some really lovely people....sara, who has been my sidekick all semester and especially these last two days just helping me with whatever...decorating cookies, buying veggies, carrying yaffa blocks through the snow...has been a particularly bright light in all of this. tony comes by too, and helps me move out at 900 tonight only to go to work right after. lauren who helped me relax as we traipsed down on the plaza. my mama who called me choked up to wish me well on my last day of "college". and then there He is. so patient and kind and quiet, even though He and I both know its been months since we've really spent quality time together. i just can't explain that kinda grace.

"just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly" - anonymous on the rockin' card sara got me

PS: all paperwork has cleared through P.C....just waiting on that postal system.

"...and at the core, there is this gut wrenching sob that says i don't wanna go!"

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luke said...

is it really at the core? i feel like there's some place deeper in you that is ready. i've seen it. it's soon to be your time.