Sunday, May 4, 2008


my mother just brought me this jaggedy, blue bic pen drawing of a orange laden tree in a grassy field. on it, it says "I'd be a Floride orange tree, so I would always be warm and I'd give people vitamin C." on the back, Sarah, age 12, Dec 96.

well. i'm not an orange tree, but i am going somewhere warm to help people. quite the appropriate gift for my last day in the states...when doubts begin to surface and fear begins to rise.

i am ready for this.


Sara said...

Your adventure begins TODAY!

It will be awesome.
And you are ready.
And we will all be thinking of you.

(and I hope you are wearing your shirt)

p.s. I was given something from my past this weekend as well--a seventh grade group project. A cheesy poem. Entitled "A Trip to the Mall." I couldn't stop laughing.

lauren h. said...

go and grow my little orange tree! sink your roots deep into the earth. stretch your limbs high up to the heavens. you are so ready.

Han said...

Wow. I completely love that post- it doesnt supprise me at all that you had so much love coming out of you at such an early age.

I bet Jesus had a big ole grin on his face when you were drawing that...