Friday, February 29, 2008


so for those of you who did summer staff with me or happen to go to Christ Church might recall this little quote

"irrational fear: bugs crawling all over's part of the reason i didn't join peace corps!"

here i am several months later, having decided that a phobia was not enough reason to miss out on an amazing opportunity...and really, how many critters could there be?

lots. tarantulas. scorpions. 1.5 inch cockroaches. *expletive*.

i mean, it's not enough to keep me from going obviously, but i get disturbed with every new horror story i come across in my nica blog perusals. does anyone think that packing a two year supply of raid is silly???

[and these are only the bugs on the outside. the number of parasites i may encounter in my pcv experience are innumerable. awesome.]


graham r said...

i think the last bit did me in... internal parasites: perfect.

just remember:

hair spray + flame source = torch.

(I dont recommend this for the internal bugs though...)

luke said...

sarah, remember that the word of God will always come to your aid. don't you remember the scripture, "I will build my church, and the bugs of hades will not overcome it." it's in matthew--you should check it out.