Monday, February 18, 2008


has become a thing of great desire lately. not just sleep or lack of things to do, but true, refreshing, releasing rest. Jesus said come. away. to rest. for a while. never before has that sounded so sweet to my ears.

after this weekend, i need that rest. the best part though? that His word and His promises are becoming richer and sturdier to me as i walk this out...not because they were lacking before, but my soul is finally grasping and longing for what it truly is. and it is nothing short of replenishing.

organic. ripen. roots. these are words that keep coming up within me and around me. i'm not an agriculturally savvy person, but i like this imagery that God gives us to understand our journey. it has been the small shifts i have made in response to this new thing that has allowed me to endure. like writing in a simple spiral. braiding instead of straightening. embracing rather than controlling. and every intricate facet fits perfectly together, both the painful and pleasant.

i found this at salt mine...fabulous read so far.


luke said...

i hope your rest is blissful!

lauren h. said...

i'm proud of your "small shifts"! hooray for plain ol' spirals!

B.J. said...

"as I walk this out ..."
a beautiful picture of patience yoked with intent