Tuesday, February 12, 2008


so today IHOP gave away free shortstacks. this meant i got to take my girls from House of Hope on a fun midweek trip to eat said shortstacks. while we were there, a server refilled my water glass, like any other server would. the second he walked away, all three girls were staring at me with these incredulous eyes.

"miss sarah...he was checking you out!!"

mind you, the guy was standing at the booth behind us. right.

the next 15 minutes consisted of them giggling and whispering loudly and staring at him, while he had to weave around our table and me attempting to get out to pay our check.

my face is still a bit red.

the funny part was how nervous it made me. i mean, this was nothing...a simple distraction for some girls that seriously miss the social world. i guess i didn't realize how not dating for the past five years might affect my social graces. i can only laugh at how awkward and uncomfortable i might become when that thing called love comes waltzing my way.

"embrace the awkward!" - lauren heidebrecht, her amazing social philosophy.


lauren h. said...

haha!! oh sarah...i totally feel your pain. but maybe he actually was checking you out...that's kind of fun, huh? i wish that i actually lived by my own social philosophy... :-)

B.J. said...

I concur, Miss Sarah.
I love awkward embraces.
I'm reminded of a similar social philosophy from the one and only, John Schwartz: "life's about making memories, not about being comfortable."
I wish everyday was National Pancake Day . . .