Sunday, November 18, 2007


it means waiting...and hope...beautiful, yea?

there are these moments where all the junk falls away and you remember what the hell you were doing in the first place. and WHY. and in this moment, there is this sweet breath you take in, the refreshment in the simplicity and clarity.

oh please Jesus, please help my heart stay upon You. i get so lost when it's not there.

i have 12 days left with my students. i'm not ready. for anything. but i will be there, in each moment, reminding them that they are loved. that they have purpose. that they are not forgotten or lost or broken beyond repair or ignored. they are not alone.

"The sustaining power of the Beloved Presence has through the ages made the sickbed sweet and the graveside triumphant;transformed broken hearts and relations; brought glory to drudger, poverty and old age; and turned the martyr's stake or noose into a place of coronation." -Dallas Willard, Hearing God

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luke said...

what a beautiful moment.