Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i found this in an old sketchbook as i was cleaning yesterday.
dated january 7th, 2007.
"I am always at home in Jesus. always. if i feel outside or alone or NOT at home, it's because somewhere along the line i chose to walk out the door. turn on the oven, open the curtains, i'm coming home. i'm here to stay and i wanna bring whoever i can home with me."
it's good to be reminded.

about my last post: the thing that is hitting about these women's lives is NOT the work they are doing, although that's what i thought at first, but their HEARTS. "there are no great things, only small things with great love." -mother theresa.

i want to memorize psalm 103 in spanish...there's a resonance with what its saying and this time i'm in.

an old poem:
a love that silences
a sweetness few perceive
bitter on the tongue of selfish men
yet richest of fare to the gutter's friend
which am i? do we choose?
may i don the beggar's cloth
if it be the way
to the divine love feast.

what are some things that are resonating in you today?

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lauren h. said...

i've been stuck on ps. 103 too! "he remembers that we are dust..." gorgeous.
also, thanks for posting about being at home. great stuff.