Thursday, December 2, 2010

fruits of a Labor

do you remember when I talked about being transplanted into a foreign land, and the promises He gives with that?

i am seeing the fruit of that Labor, this work He began and promises to finish. it's overwhelming when you marvel at His greatnes, utter magnitude, true goodness. and never ending faithfulness.

i write this as i ponder the faces of my fellow teachers, all of us just two days away from vacation. for me, it is simple unbelieveable that i have a place here, that these people are my friends, my support, my brothers and sisters. and together we work to change the future of a country. simple amazing.

for me, reflecting on this past year is going to take all of December. and I feel ready and eager to do so. the second year of teaching is SO different than the first and the third year of living in a this country promises to change me forever. there are certain qualities, perceptions and attitudes that are being forged, that are good and life-giving, that could never have been formed in my former path. just a snapshot:

infinitely more patient and loving, in a deep and base level way. i can't explain how it happens but there is something in the very core of me that is just different.

a whole new understanding of respect and rights.

a simpler, streamlined self

a person focused, not task focused mind...this is huge for me.

able to make hard decisions and trust that obedience is way better than 'sacrifice'

a fuller gratitude, for everything.

appreciation for simple things: time to rest, a beautiful song, lovely weather, particular harvests, hospitality, generosity, solidarity. this, at least, the government has correct - promoting and applauding solidarity. the nicaraguan people embody this trait.

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luke said...

this is wonderful sarah. i'm so glad to hear. let's talk for real soon ok? let me know when a good time would be.

also i love the quote. i gave you the stendl-rast book right? i can't remember but i've been giving it to lots of people so i'm assuming you too?

luke said...

well we have an open house for the wedding at 2. would 10am work for you or is that too early?

and yes you most certainly should read that book! heather and i are reading it together right now and i'm enjoying it even more the second time around. so rich.

Sara said...

I love this. What a great image. And an even better reality. Love you friend.