Thursday, November 8, 2012

she ate and ate until she got sick on the floor.

- 8 * 8 = 64...she 8 and 8 until she got 6 on the 4. That´s how I learned that multiplication fact. first thing that came to mind when i thought of 8 things.
- two monumental elections have passed and while in both situations there are disgruntled people, feel grateful those of you stateside that the most violent you will see those who are unhappy with the results is a snarky fb post or underbreath coffee break comment. here people in the northern and western parts of the country had to deal with fighting, riots, violence and even a few deaths. it makes me grateful to be from a nation where, even though our politics vary, we try to stand together. and even more so, as Christians we can say, my kingdom is not this´s a kingdom that cannot be shaken.
- so close and yet so far away from vacations...i am so ready.
- did i mention i hate thursdays? i feel like an old worn out rag on thursdays...blech.
- have to start interviewing for new teachers this´s overwhelming. how do i know how to ask all the things that are important to doing this job well? how can i tell if they will really fit here and make it their place, or if they´ll buckle under this completely other thing that we do? may God give me wisdom and discernment.
- HACIA practice has been excellent so far...i´m so pleased with how prepared and enthusiastic the kids are...i have a feeling this year will be so much better than last.
- have started talking to my husband only in english in the evenings...we´ll see how this immersion course goes :)
- because in december, we´re going to colorado! for 2 and a half weeks! not sure about all our plans yet, but we will spend the majority of our time with patty´s family, the main lady for our sewing project. will keep you posted on kansas travel plans. :)

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