Wednesday, October 24, 2012

first 24 things...

got this idea from elora nicole´s website...and it inspired me in that it is simple and without frills...just a pouring out. i like that. so here goes, 24 things (because todays the 24th).
 - balancing stress is like walking a tightrope...and my body has become ultrasensitive about it...the slightest rise in stress and my body freaks out.
 - i love painting my nails in jewel tones...its this new thing i´m reclaiming.
 - i feel like my to-do list at work is a charm of hummingbirds flitting around and i just want to stick them all in their agenda cage!
 - yes i just looked that up and was pleasantly surprised by what a group of hummingbirds is called.
 - speaking of bird group names, you should read...crap. i don´t remember what book it was that has for titles different bird group names. anyone know?
 - fighting for your personal spiritual freedom can be exhausting. and exhilarating. and easily forgotten.
 - kind of ready for this election stuff to be over. i feel like everyone´s got on their red or blue glasses and no one, for the life of them, can even think about seeing purple or have asked themselves is seeing in blue or red is really the answer.
 - i´m guessing it´s not the answer...just sayin´.
 - so everyone here in nicaragua freaked out because they brought out the old rumor about the government enforcing chip implantment...if you could hashtag conversations here in nicaragua it would read #apocalipsis #findelmundo #eeuueseldiablo? and other fun end of the world chatter. good thing here no one really believes the news.
 - preparing birthday dinners are fun. and tiring.
 - hacia kids selected. feeling good about the options. on to fundraising for´s in punta cana DR! - torn about not teaching next year. sanity wise, it will be so much better to just focus on administration. passion wise, i´m gonna miss it.
 - i kind of wish we only needed 5 hours of sleep a night to feel refreshed.
 - i don´t know where the post office is in managua, ergo i miss writing letters. and receiving it cheating to email and ask the other to mail me their response?
 - really...only 14 things i´ve written so far?
 - those f...un hummingbirds are buzzing around, bothering me about why am i not taming them yet!!
 - would love just some me time to ponder as long as i want about my silly list of thoughts.
 - missing vacation.
 - except i tend to work vacations...
 - do you ever just get tired of yourself? of your habits and patterns that you just can´t seem to change?
 - i know...God is the game changer. but just once, it´d be fun to switch off parts of yourself that aren´t pleasant.
 - anyone watched homeland? it´s kind of crazy. not sure how i feel about it.
 - reading a lot about human trafficking lately. really bothers me. makes me is it that God has not destroyed us yet?? i wonder if he regrets his promise to not destroy the human race again...i can only long for the day He returns...we are not going to be able to clean up this mess without him.
 - feeling heavy, thinking of my fellow women around the world (around the block) that are abused, beaten, mistreated, denied rights, used...Lord have mercy.

 well. this is why i don´t think too much. it gets heavy real fast. your thoughts?

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