Sunday, March 4, 2012

marchin' on

leaving for panama in less than 48 hours. what began as faltering speeches and incoherent investigations has become 10 polished and poised students, armed with knowledge and comfortable in speaking their mind, defending their points. and the most beautiful thing? each and every one of them wants to do this well, this secular, politcial, intelligent thing, to honor the One who made them. to show, as one student said, that Christians do have knowledge and have something to offer.

i just hope that desire really is sincere and heartfelt, because if it is? what an honor to be their advisor, to support them in this experience. for those who don't know what HACIA is, you can check it out here. it really is a neat opportunity and i'm thrilled i've gotten to prepare these students to participate. plus i've never been to Panama, so this should be interesting.

i am a little uncertain of leaving my husband just two weeks after his brother's accident and death. there's been a vulnerability, a fragility to our house these days and i wish i could just stay here in the midst of that, accompany him. but we know we are never alone.

over and over and over again i'm hearing 'rest'. 'don't work so much'. 'invest in people not tasks'. i'm hearing it. i'm getting it... still trying to figure out how to make it actually happen. hoping that the return from Panama will allow this to happen.

and there's something very exciting on the horizon, something promising. not wanting to share it yet in case things fall through, but i'm excited. (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT. for reals.)


Jennifer said...

Sarah! Love reading what you're up to. Love to hear how your trip goes. I don't have my new laptop yet so that's why we haven't skyped...but I do plan on getting it. :) Oh - and I so thought you were pregnant when I read the end of your blog.

R.W. Shipshape said...

You are engaged in the bigness of things...