Thursday, June 24, 2010

something new

sometimes you just get on this speeding path without ever really thinking about how you got there nor if you really want to be there. sometimes you find yourself up to your neck in things and think, what? why am i doing this?

there are so many opportunities to be disappointed and let down in this work. there are so many plans that fall apart, hard work that doesn't get noticed, time that gets stripped away.

weariness and sheer exhaustion and overworked are all common descriptors for those involved, the growing weight of the need that you see around you smothering, the hunger clawing to be noticed.

but none of these are the worst crisis for someone in some type of service. the real gut-wrencher is when you find yourself with absolutely no more desire to continue. when you find that you could turn it all over to someone else without a second thought of what would happen to those little tummies, those growing minds, those desperate eyes and grasping hands.

it's not even the weariness or heaviness or difficulty of it all that bothers me....its this new, flippant and oh-so willing part that wants to wash her hands of it all.

i sat yesterday, stewing in this and watching the sunlight glisten off the leaves...and just sat. i haven't just sat in a real long time.

and the bottom line is this: there is a need for balance. and rest. and sharing responsibilities. but more than that there is the reality that this work, this thing that i's woven into my soul....its not even the place or the people or the circumstances but the profound knowledge that this is what i was made for. so even though this alarming new sensation is ever present in this moment, i know that it's just a false self, a shadow of who i thought i could be, but nothing like who i really am.

and with that, i could breathe. there is something about being anchored that allows you to hold on in the midst of whatever gust that comes your way. i'm thankful for that.


Sara said...

Oh girl. Thank you for sharing your heart. May you find peace and rest and breath and hope. And yes, you ARE anchored. Even amidst the chaos.

Love you. Praying. Big hug! :)

luke said...

thanks for sharing. i appreciate your heart so much.

and i'll get a letter back on it's way to you when things calm down a bit for me! :)

lauren said...

"...a shadow of who I thought I could be, but nothing like I really am." That reality is such an anchor. I'm glad that the struggle is giving way to something as life-giving as that truth & knowledge. Praying for you & giving thanks for you & your heart.

lauren h. said...

This is GOOD STUFF. I was so refreshed by your honesty in this post.