Thursday, December 18, 2008


peace corps and i will part ways tomorrow. i just got back from an interesting exchange at the border, allowing me to stay here for three months more while i wait on residency papers. in january i will start community classes and training for my new school. feb 2 i will begin teaching my new students. i leave sunday for a tiny town called La Batea to spend a traditional nicaraguan christmas with moises. i couldnt feel more blessed.

sometimes your path just changes...and you dont know why or really know where you are going. but ive learned that to go back or to try to ignore the path doesnt learning to enjoy exploring this path im on.

merry christmas to you all...its 85 degrees here. :)


luke said...

85 degrees! you had to just throw that in there huh?

sarah i'm glad that you have had the courage to follow where God is leading you despite what people may think or how it looks toward previous goals. your goals and your purposes are of a higher sort, only he gives them their true worth. blessings and peace on the beginning of this new journey.

lauren said...

Sarah, I just wanted to let you know I've been so inspired by your courage and heart. Thank you so much for living the kind of life that gives me (and others, I'm sure) that kind of encouragement. All the best as you start on a new path. :)

lauren h. said...

so exciting!!

steph moore! said...

so proud and excited for you friend. you are an inspiration for me to make roots of my own, even if it's in a less than desirable place. love you sister!

Jennifer said...

woot! Christmas with Moises's family! That's too fun. And new job! Scary, maybe, but exciting. Um, I'll be sending you a letter with a couple photos in it soon. Send an email if there's a better place to address the letter.