Wednesday, October 1, 2008



so it's october? you wouldn't believe how time warps between the fog and rain. seriously.

a few thoughts (because i don't have my memory stick that has all my inspirationalish blogs)

-there are these flowers here that sparkle. seriously. little red and white five petaled beauties that just shine brilliantly from their little speckles of gold sparkle.

-on a day that felt so heavy with missing home, i walked into my english evening class to find a student wearing a wichita, ks SURVIVOR t-shirt, complete with tornado graphic and punny sayings. i almost hugged him.

-today, in my second round of trips through managua, i found the grassy corners around the huge, congested round-about were occupied by cows. lots of them.

-yes, i did just spend 30 cords on three packs of gushers...i had been craving them, thinking about asking someone to send them to me, and there they were, tucked into a basket. it was meant to be (even though i kicked myself for spending that much)

-a taxi driver asked if i were french yesterday, but i said no, im from the states...his reply: oh, i assumed you were European because you recognized the Psalm on the radio...americans are more distracted in that aspect, right? i didn't know what to say

-i'm facing my biggest achilles heel: fear - and its exhilirating and exhausting all at once

-i am actually enjoying the rain...?

-the states economic status has me a bit worried...

-who IS this sarah palin lady? one look at her photo in newsweek with the American flag and the following story made me a little nauseated.

-nica time no longer means late to me...simply means im realizing i dont have the time to touch on all the hurts and tears i see

-i LOVE writing letters. seriously.

-the start of something new and beautiful has begun...and i am so excited yet terrified of its end or the discovery of some major flaw.

-i'm really upset to be missing fall. like, hurts my heart sad.

-never realized how much i was attuned to my smell surroundings..i wish so badly i had brought some body spray and scented candles.

-i heart sleeping.


Sara said...

Ummm can I just tell you that you are pretty much my favorite? I mean obviously...I can't read a single entry of yours without commenting immediately!

LOVE the Gushers purchase...chalk it up to a mental health purchase and get rid of that guilt...haha.

I like that YOU like letters. Me too as it turns out.

And it seems this season if full of change--keep me posted on yours and I promise to do the same. :)

Oh, and I MISS YOU!

luke said...

oh sarah, spend as much as you want on gushers! or post what your favorite flavor is and perhaps someone will send them to you. someone else will have to send you body spray--probably a girl.

and since you love writing letters so much, should a look for one sometime soon??? i hope you sent/send it to manhattan!

i just got back from okc and was thinking of you there. hope you're doing great my sister!

Han said...

You just send me your address. I'll send you some candles and spray... vanilla, grapefruit... there are some good ones- and hey! Since its fall, the pumpkin pie scents are out!(Seriously, I'll mail some...)

Tyler R said...

If you're going to send a letter to Luke, you should send one to me too being that we live in the same place. You could even package them together and save on postage. :-)

I hope all is well and I enjoy keeping up with you.